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12 years online, time for a reboot

Twelve years ago I started my online journey by participating in Now, twelve years later, after a decade of ups and downs, I am continuing what started on 2009.

My name is John and is my current online home. But this was not always the case.

My story begins in 2009 on where I signed up as the user “Pandorian”. It was a few days ago that I had seen John Cameron’s Avatar in the cinema - my first 3D experience - and I was such a fan of the lore that I created a new nickname based on Pandora, the planet of Na’vi.

Since then I created and participated on projects like:

  • Trackmania Hellas (

  • Enraged Studios (

  • Wolfpack Studios (

  • Ultimate Greekz

  • Fake Reality

  • Vortex Animation Studios

  • Ivan Foundation

  • Pandorian Artworks

  • The Third Age (T3A)

  • Suprabal Greece (

and had personal websites and blogs under different domains, like:








Over the years as my interests changed all of them one by one came to an end.

However, I wanted to come back and so I did with

With a little help of and my personal backups I have managed to restore many of my old posts and re-upload them here.

All posts before this one have been written somewhere else by me. Consider them my archive. I tried to transfer most their contect intact, so keep in mind that there will be dead links and probably some issues.

Let the reboot begin!